SOMA Connect 智能控制網關

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SOMA Connect 智能控制網關

令你的SOMA Smart Shade 2可以支援Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant 及Amazon Alexa

  • 令你的Smart Shade 2可以支援多種智能家居平台
    • Apple HomeKit
      • Use voice commands
        • “Siri, set my blinds to 50%”
        • “Siri, open bedroom blinds”
      • Create Scenes
        • “Siri, it’s time to sleep”
      • Create Automations
        • To open the blinds at sunrise
        • To close the blinds when you leave your home
    • Google Home / Google Assistant
      • Use voice commands
        • “Hey Google, set my blinds to 50%”
        • “Hey Google, close bedroom blinds”
      • Create routines
        • To close the shades when you say “Hey Google, it’s time to sleep”
        • To open the shades automatically in the morning at 7am
    • Amazon Alexa
      • Use voice commands
        • “Alexa, open Bedroom”
        • “Alexa, close Bedroom”
        • “Alexa, set Bedroom to 50”
      • Create routines
        • To open the blinds at sunrise
        • To close the shades when you say “Alexa, movie time!”
    • Samsung SmartThings
    • IFTTT
    • Home Assistant
    • Local HTTP API for DIY integrations


  • SOMA Connect X1
  • SOMA Connect 行貨英標三腳插連電源線 X1